the story of ojamin

Did Ojamin just appear spontaneously? Of course not! The tonic has a long and involved history, but one that we can quickly summarize. The story of Ojamin is about fate linking an ancient body of knowledge with the destinies of two men from different generations: Laxman K. Tate and his grandson Pete.

L.K., as he was fondly called by his peers, was an official of the British Empire, posted in western provinces of India during the British Raj. Diagnosed with diabetes in his early forties, he took numerous pharmaceutical medicines with little beneficial effect. Not a man to be beaten, L.K. set about studying Ayurvedic, Egyptian, Greek and other ancient literature for esoteric remedies that stretched back two millennia. Using what he learned about the efficacy of various herbs and fruits, L.K. ultimately developed ‘Ojamin Liquid’, the tonic he took daily for the remainder of his very healthy and fulfilled life. He died in 2014 at the grand old age of 100 years. Over the intervening years L.K. turned his hand to numerous businesses with great success, not least supplying Ojamin Liquid to the Indian and other markets.

Half a century after L.K. first formulated Ojamin Liquid, Pete Tate, his grandson, came to England to study at the London School of Economics. On the morning of 29th September 2010, Pete received a telephone call from Simon Barnes, Managing Partner of Tate and Lyle Ventures. Simon, had been contacted by Elbert Vaughn, an American suffering from diabetes. Elbert’s father had previously worked in India, where he had obtained a few bottles of Ojamin Liquid, the potion Elbert claimed was proving very beneficial to his health. However, his stock was running low. Seeing the name Tate on his last bottle, Elbert contacted Tate and Lyle, desperate to see if that company produced the product. Amazingly the e-mail eventually reached Simon Barnes, but instead of just dumping it as a crank letter, intrigued, Simon took an interest. Miraculously he somehow managed to track down Pete, and then passed on the note. Pete was delighted to arrange the resupply of Elbert’s depleted stock.

Pete knew relatively little about Ojamin Liquid. Later that year on his visit to India he decided to find out more about this amazing concoction. There he met several people who claimed to have derived several benefits from Ojamin, and read many testimonials to its efficacy in treating a wide range of ailments, but particularly as a tonic and as an aid to physical well-being. It was then that he decided he would fulfill his grandfather’s wish of making the benefits of Ojamin available in the UK, and indeed across the world.

Pete took a break from his studies, and founded MedTate in March 2011 with a view of developing Ojamin. Pete formed a strong research team to conduct scientific studies on each of the original Ojamin herbs. Whilst that research confirmed Ojamin as a very efficacious tonic, He realized that in its original form Ojamin wouldn’t fly in western markets. Firstly, the taste in its raw formulation, although not nasty, could in no way be called pleasant. Hence he took Ojamin to a Swiss laboratory, and had them refine the product to make it more palatable, while maintaining the efficacy of its original selection of herbs and fruits.

Secondly, the ingredients of this refined Ojamin needed to comply with a wide range of national and international regulatory standards. These hurdles were cleared with approval from all concerned UK government bodies including Medical and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), Food Standard Agency (FSA) and Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), and thus Ojamin - herb & fruit was born.

Always a staunch supporter of British industry with its high levels of quality control, Pete set up his manufacturing base in Nottinghamshire in England. With the same efficacy as L.K. Tate’s original Ojamin Liquid, Ojamin - herb & fruit, or simply Ojamin®, has the added benefits of refinements born in Swiss scientific expertise, and the confidence that the product complies with the strictest British manufacturing guidelines.

With his strong belief that Ojamin can help many more people like Elbert Vaughn, Pete is determined to deliver the benefits of this fantastic tonic, based on ancient herbal wisdom, to a brand new constituency.






we love ojamin

I am a health specialist specialising in body therapy. I have been using ojamin since last few months. ojamin is very refreshing and I have found it to be an energy booster. After benefitting from it myself, I offered it to my clients and received a very positive feedback. I would recommend it everyone who wants to enjoy a healthy and quality lifestyle.

Cheli Mula
Body Therapist

I find Ojamin to be an excellent health product. I have been taking it now for 4 months and my energy has increased and I no longer get energy ‘crashes’ during the
day. I believe it really benefitted me during the winter months, and this year I didn’t even get a cold! I would highly recommend Ojamin to anyone with an on- the- go lifestyle.

Shona Taylor

I am a Type 2 diabetic and have consequently suffered from chronic fatigue. Since taking ojamin regularly I am very much rejuvenated, and my lifestyle has significantly improved. So much so that recently in Gdansk, Poland I had no trouble giving three (one hour plus) lectures consecutively over a 6 hour period!

Ian Angell
Professor at the London School of Economics